Monday, January 21, 2013

Just a Quick Second of Space?

It's one of those days when you get home, put Father John Misty on real loud, and cook yourself an "elaborate" meal (comprised mostly of frozen things from Trador Joes, you work with what you can). It's not that things are bad or hard, it's just that things are every single day and sometimes you need a break. I had a fast sip of really good coffee with my sweet friend Becca yesterday morning in downtown Seattle and it felt like I came home. Just a little reminder that there is a world outside the four walls of our classroom (which happen to be void of any windows)that I am still connected to. And of course today it just makes me miss all my sweet friends in Portland, my lovely babies and of course my roommates! I am extremely glad to be here, mind you. I feel complete contentment in my life and in the choice to start this career. On Saturday as I flew home from Anchorage I caught a quick glance out the window and saw the bright big dipper imprinted in the sky directly above the wing (aircraft left, for those of you who know), and I felt euphoric! This is my life and I love it. But it doesn't mean that I don't miss all those people I am currently separated from and it doesn't mean that sometimes I don't just sometimes need a break. Because honey, when you sit on your butt for 9 hours a day and have to go outside and run stairs on your ten minute breaks in order to stay sane, you need a break.

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Sara's Place said...

I often get the same feeling at stay at home mom. We all need out occasionally. Good luck. You;re nearly there.

Man I'd love a good cup of coffee. Oh wait, a stumptown opened in my tiny Texas town. I'm going!