Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year, New Career

I am about to start over once again. I spent the last year and few months adapting to Portland life and making it my home. Now, just as I start to feel happy and content I throw myself the big kicker, it's time to mix it all up. On January 1st I fly to Seattle, Washington to begin 5 weeks of flight attendant training with Alaska Airlines. A dream job. Another beginning. My whole life, once again, never more literally, up in the air. I don't yet know where I will be living or how often I will be home, I just know that once again things are about to change. I have said many goodbyes already, packed my bag, and am bracing myself for a brand new start. So here is the deal. I have decided that as a means to keep myself busy and give me something to work towards, as well as keep in touch with my dear friends and family, I am going to set up some year long goals for myself. 1. I am going to work on project 365, an activity in which I will be taking a photo a day for a year and posting it with a small caption describing the event. 2. I am going to spend my time in hotels and coffee shops writing. I have always wanted to write a book, so I am going to work on that and/or write small essays and prose. 3. I will be actively trying to post about these things and my adventures more often and therefor keep my blog fully up to date. For those of you about to follow me (and hopefully live alongside me) this next year, thank you. I appreciate feedback but mostly the interactions of friends living life together. So a Prost, to a new year and a new career!