Friday, September 12, 2008

Sorry It Has Been So Long

Well, as you may know, I am now back in Oklahoma attending school for my junior year. Sorry I wasn't better at keeping up with my blog while I was in Juneau. I will high light some of the important things:
-I worked at a zipline company and it was fun.
-I had bears on my street quite often, but I survived.:)
-I saw a lot of whales and I even saw them bubble net feeding!!! If you don't know what that is, google it, its amazing!
-I spent the whole summer with my sister Tabitha and her husband. I miss them!
-I wasn't able to attend church while I was there (very much) since I worked on Sundays and the church was far anyway and I didn't have a car. But in this I was forced to grow and I relearned what it means to LIVE out your faith. Without the crutch of a church to lean upon to make one feel like the life they are living is fine, one must choose to either ignore their meaningless life or to take action and boldy live out their faith! Everyone that I was surrounded by (well, most of them) were not christians, but knew that I was. Many asked me questions and I answered honestly, I became a living, real, example of what and who a TRUE christian is and should look like. I redefined my own skewed vision of what that looks like as well. I also learned to love the person despite the sin, to truly truly love.
-I flew on a helicopter and landed on a glacier, walked around a little.
-I hiked a LOT!
-A friend I went to Europe with came on a cruise and I got to spend the day with him.
-I got hit on by a LOT of homeless men! A LOT!
-I cooked for myself a lot.
-I made friendships that will undoubtably last a lifetime!
-I became interested in politics and bought a canvass bag to take to the grociery store instead of always using plastic bags.
-I started drinking rice milk.
-I was the victim of a break in and entering and had a lot of things stolen. Through this I realized all the more what little value the items in my possession have to my overall goals in life. How little I actually need THINGS for survival and entertainment.
-I read a LOT of books. I still am.
-I walked a LOT!
-I flew on a float plane.
-I ate fresh fish.
-I watched the Olympics like a fanatic.
-I saw "Mama Mia" for the first time.
-I got rained on.
-I had the time of my life and I believe I will be forever changed from it. I learned a lot about life, about the human nature, about the Lord and about Love. I learned about myself and how to value others. I learned to separate work from home life. I learned to take time to myself every now and then. I learned about some new music. I learned how to stand up for my own beliefs without pushing them down the throats of the unwilling and how to talk sensibly with those who were questioning. I learned to challenge myself to seek the answers from where they are most likely to be found. I learned to appreciate the here and now and to not always wish for something else. I learned to live and live is what I did.