Sunday, June 7, 2009

3 Weeks Of Sunshine

It is incredible here! There have only been like 2 days of rain since I got here and for the last week or longer I have been wearing shorts and t-shirts. One day I even had the audocity to wear a tank top. I got burnt, again. I have basically been experiencing both kinds of Alaska, last summer was the aweful rainy and this summer is the beautiful nice, neither of them typical.

My job is still going pretty well. My bosses say I am doing a good job and I believe that I am as well. I enjoy it, mostly because it comes with being hit on by old men constantly, and who could ever ask for more?!?:)

I have started going to Crossroads Church which meets on Saturday nights and so far I really like it. I mean its different, but sometimes you need different to really understand why you are doing what you are doing and if you should be doing it. The people there are really sincere about God and they interact in each others lives throughout the week. They are like a community, its really great! Its a small church, only like 30 people including the kids, and I think I have already gotten to know them all. After church every Saturday we have a bbq at "the guys" apartment just across the street from my own. The church is actually just across the other street, its nice to have everything within waling distance!

Kate was out of town for a week and a half and let me use her car, but she just got back which is exciting to see her again, but now I am without a car again, so I really need to go get one! Which I am still working on!

I haven't seen a bear yet, which I am a little bummed about. But I have visited my old house twice, each time making it seem more and more like I really am in Juneau. Sometimes I forget its the same place as it was last summer, and also sometimes I forget that I ever left... kind of confusing I know, to always be here and to have never been here before at the same time. Anyway, Andrea (my roommate) and I hiked Mt. Roberts on Thursday or Friday and bought trinkets at the gift shop so we could ride the tram down. I bought a cute mug and then I dropped it when I got down and broke the handle.. figures.

There was a "Juneaupalooza" on Friday night with lots of local bands that played. Dearing and Down was there but they still hadn't played by midnight and we were pretty tired so we left... I have yet to watch them play.:( However there was a rap concert in town, the "Swollen Members" were here. Aparently they are awesome and my friend Greg has been a fan since he was in college a long time ago. But I met them, they were at the Hanger and Greg found out so we went and saw them and talked to them for a second, it meant basically nothing to me but I think Greg's world was changed forever. And Every Day Sunday is coming on June 14th to play so that is exciting also.

Well its a friend of mines birthday today and she is having a bonfire out the road on North Douglas so I better be off....