Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I think I'm Gonna Like It Here

We had our first exam today, and not to brag or anything but I got 100%. It's supposed to be the easiest one. After we all debriefed in the hall and went back into the classroom we continued to be lectured at for another 8 hours while we, who were hired to move around and chat and entertain, sit on our butts for far too long. But today we got to talk about customers with disabilities and handling conflict. We got to watch all these old VHS tapes that had terrible color, cheesy acting, and actually pretty quality messages. After my new friend told me about the time he almost got into a fight with his boyfriends deaf ex-boy-friend at a bar and we couldn't stop laughing about it, I almost cried while watching all the sweet videos of paraplegics and the fact that our company wants us to be so sensitive with our passengers that they take the time to show us these videos and make us do activities while being limited in some way. (longest sentence ever.) Every day I learn more about Alaska Airlines and the procedures they take for dealing with customers and the steps used to take care of their employees, the more excited I am that I am entering this field with this specific airline! The care, compassion, and concern that management puts into meeting needs of customers and employees alike is humbling. It's exciting knowing that I am employed by a company I can be proud of and that I believe in. And also that pays me to stay in fancy hotels in Hawaii, Cabo, and Alaska!


Laura Rudy said...

Debs- I love this so much! :)

Laura Rudy

Sara's Place said...

i wanna come to Cabo with you

Kaylee McDaniel said...

you are such a rockstar! go deb!!