Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Tree On A Hill

She returns to a tree she sat under a year before and was shocked that it had returned to its previous state. All the leaves that once fell have regrown, changed colors, and are beginning to detach themselves from their constant life support. In a body that is constantly changing and moving forward, she was humbled by this trees turning of season. It's long shadow grazes the same grounds it had the year before and its leaves will soon cover them as well. Her aging eyes look over this old hill, the same hill this tree has watched over many years. She finds it a humble blessing to know a growing object can stay in one place, roots grown deep, and go through the same motions year after year. She finds it a humble blessing that all the while in its steady repetition, this wise aging tree has continued to provide space for a young girl learning to become a woman.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I've Learned From Project 365 Thus Far

Things I've learned from project 365 this far:
To look for beautiful things every day and to take photos of them, obviously. But what about the days I don't leave home, is there something beautiful to capture there? And what of the days I don't have access to my phone, can I find something in the last 5 minutes of the day that will subsist. And what of the days I am busy and don't have time to take a photo. Do I count it as loss and leave the day blank and start a trail for many other blank days that end up the same? Or is it ok to bend my own rules, substitution. And what of the days too beautiful to photograph? What of the people too beautiful to capture. What of my heart when its so full and what of my heart when it's been drained and left empty? And what if I save the best for myself and do not to share it, because beauty is often too delicate for scrutiny of many eyes. And anyway I'm not making art, I'm capturing things that are beautiful to me.