Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The deed has been done, the move has been made. I am a Seattleite. Well not quite, my stuff is still in storage and I am living out of a hotel until I can sign my apartment lease next month, but I have moved out of my portland home and received my deposit back. I had a 3 hour drive alone in a uhaul to come to terms with the move. It was the first few moments of alone time I have had in what feels like months. My brain felt numb and I just kept thinking about how bad I had to pee, how hard it is to keep up to steady traffic flow in a uhaul and how I wish it wasn't raining. But I also thought that if I can't live in portland at least I get to live in the northwest, and what a lucky girl (woman) I am to get to live in the perfect place with the perfect job. After dropping my stuff in a friends garage and delivering a mattress to a second location I completed my final drop off over in west Seattle surrounded by new friends. Finished for the night, tired and wearing heavy boots I climbed up into my trusty old uhaul and turned out onto Alki Ave to head to my temporary home. I followed the road along the beach and around the bend when suddenly before my eyes appeare the entire Seattle skyline blanketed in a soft glow from its night lights. I swear time stood still for just a moment, but maybe my foot on the brake had a little influence. I thought to myself, "Sure Seattle, you can propose to me here. I'm not really looking for a long term commitment without a chance to get to know you better, but you can ask me just the same. And anyway, a girl sure can dream."