Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New memories and old memories

The air changed today.  What yesterday was sharp and biting today is thick and dwelling.  Spring has sprung.  And the more I scoot around, hike up and run down the more I treasure the people and place of where I have been and the moments we have shared.  Scooting down my street reminds me of walks taken with sisters in portland.  Going out chuckanut dr and hiking pine and cedar lakes reminds me of peaceful Alaskan evenings spent with community so dear they are like family, sitting on my front steps brings back afternoons spent with the girls in Oklahoma laying on blankets in the grass reading and laughing.  While going out on the back porch is mirror to sitting on this same porch sharing food and drink with friends at the sunset before my last journey north, and driving past the country houses and farms on old samish Rd brings back the winding roads of north carolina and those suspended moments of time we spent there that will remain unscathed forever in our memories.  For even though I am spending these new moments alone I can never be fully alone when each new coffee shop brings me back to afternoons and evenings at crema, cuppies and Joe, starbucks on the corner of bryant and memorial, the only bakery on the only main road in town, a famous bagel place in town or waffle co out the road, a chocolate and waffle shop in brugge or a kaffeehaus in vienna.  The people I have lived my life with are never gone from me.  Trapped in my memories they shape the way I experience new things and how I capture the new things in life.  And while I am able to take new things for what they are they become more special to me because of the feelings they elicit from good times past. My life is a continuing compilation of the people and places who have shared themselves with me. 

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