Saturday, March 19, 2011

Books I've Read

My life is mostly peaceful.  As i have said i spend a lot of time reading.  I have read a variety of books recently and thought i would share them. 

"extremely loud and incredibly close" by jonathan safran foer.  This was a second read for me and is my favorite book of all time, I recommend it for everyone.

"the life of pi" by yann martel which was gifted to me by a friend just before my trip to Europe.  I read this book while traveling on planes and buses and laying awake in hostels.  An interesting adventure story with a twist on perception and dealing with our actions.

"Edgar sawtelle" by David wroblewski, at first a beautiful book that turns tragedy and takes up way too much time before finally getting there.  I am sure you can squeeze good things out of it, but I was just angry when I was finished. 

"the time travelers wife" by Audrey niffenegger, a beautiful and heartbreaking love story that also ends sadly.  The writing is delicate and I couldn't put the book down.

Harry potter 1-5, I am currently on #6.  I started last night and am on page 120 already, so that speaks for itself.

"the shipping news" by Annie proulx was my most recent read, one I spent a whole dedicated day in my over stuffed armchair to.  The writing in this book about learning to love again is, like a teller told my friend ben, like butter oozing from her pen.  Every sentence has its own intention apart from the story as a whole, but is also essential to fully comprehend the magnitude of what is happening.  I am excited to read more books by this author.

I have also been reading poems by wendell berry and short stories by David sedaris and Leo Tolstoy.  Any suggestions are more than welcome!

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