Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Blogging Attempt

Ok ok so I know I have great ambitions of being a great blogger and keeping all you friends and family informed and happy, but it often fizzles out to nothing. But I have done it before and succeeded. And yea, while i WAS getting paid for it, it still worked, so I know the potential exists and I plan to go after it one more time.

First to tackle the constant question of "where are you now", a fair question every time brought on by my own constant moving; I am residing in Bellingham, Wa.
For what? To go through Holland America Princess' cdl training program. (I am learning to drive big buses)
For how long? My training ends sometime in April, towards the end.
What next? I will be heading to Juneau, Ak once more, this time to drive tourists around in buses and tell them bits of history and cheesy local jokes. It may be my last time to go for the summer, though I say that every year, the call to the north is strong and the air is pure and the water just as luring as to a fisherman. But the call for community and family is now equally as strong. And people are beginning to return home.

So, what else am I doing now? I just moved into a postcard house on a puzzle box worthy street. I have unpacked my bags (finally, after living out of them for 5 months) and put things neatly away in drawers, desks and closets. I spend my time reading books, practicing piano, watching Gilmore girls, running, going to coffee shops and trying the brews on the town while borrowing their graciously offered wifi. I moved an overstuffed arm chair into my room that I spend a lot of time reading, thinking, and listening in, and I have a cute little desk right under my window to the bay where I spend my time writing. My goal is to be still, be alone, replenish, and learn the things one can only learn in silence, stillness and by being alone.


savannah. said...

yep, its official. i love you.

tabitha jane said...

i. love. you.