Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year New Focus

I've had the best start to the new year. I rang it in surrounded by family and friends, each close enough to snuggle and kiss on the cheek. We talked dreams and plans that I sincerely believe can come true.

In the morning I scooted up the coastline to dwell amongst my community in Bellingham. I hadn't been to Bellingham since April-April!!! That's far too long to go without seeing such soul friends. The days were spent having brunch, drinking tea, playing party games and experiencing full belly laughs. So much joy and refreshment.

Two days and hopped another flight to coeur d' alene, Idaho for a ski weekend (my first) with some heart friends. We slept in living forts, danced on the couches and make chocolate quinoa cake. Having cherished conversations on ski lifts and at dining room tables rebuilt me.

One week, three cities, countless love. This is my life. And I am so lucky that it is. I have been reminded recently of the control and responsibility I have for my life and my actions. I can make time for my friends or I can sleep in and watch netflix. Both are acceptable, but what is the priority. When I was working all the time I barely had time to take care of my innate needs. And I am so thankful to have a little nest egg saved up, but what price did I pay for it. I was forced to take a hiatus from my community in order to take care of my physical health, but my mental and social health was strained. Mental health and physical health are too closely intertwined for this to be acceptable. My friends are too important to let that be acceptable. And my needs are too important to let that be acceptable. It's only been 3 1/2 days focusing on positivity, on happiness, on reconnecting. I feel so light.

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