Sunday, June 1, 2008

Part of Me

I have been living quite a frenzy of activities lately. My roommate Angie and I got to ride in a Helicopter up to the glacier and walk around up there. A couple days later a couple of us girls went out to the shrine of St. Therese, which may possibly be the most beautiful place on earth, ate pints of Ben and Jerry's for dinner and watched the whales blow their snouts. A couple days after that we woke up to someone in our house, called the cops, and never found the guy. However, when we came upstairs we did notice that Travis' wallet, Angie's camera, my wallet, camera, lap top, journal from Italy and a favorite necklace of mine we all gone. We have yet to find any trace of them anywhere.

And through it all I am still convinced that I am in the right place at the right time. I haven't been able to attend church very much since my job conflicts with it usually. Also, I work with many people, even live with some, who are not Christian. I meet hundreds of people every day. Since I don't have the doors of the church to hide behind to make me feel like I am being a "good" Christian, I am forced to LIVE my faith. Every day I have to figure out what I believe and I talk about it with people who may not know yet where they stand. I am not on some sort of "mission trip" as some are whom I have met here, they stop people on the side of the road and conduct surveys, they work with churches. I am just living the life of a Christian, as I should EVERY DAY of my life. I am not saying that I am "better" than them in any way, but I have done those mission trip things and then I have gone home and lived my life the same as I did before thinking, "well, I have done my sharing for the year, next summer I will share some more." I am instead learning how to incorporate sharing into my every day life; I am sure to live a good example for I know that many many eyes are watching me to see what a "Christian" life is like. I am making relationships with people and I hope that they can see a difference in me.

And yes, I am enjoying my life here- all my fun adventures have been perfect. I love my "family" of house mates and I am glad we stick together when the unpleasant things of life intrude upon our happy dwelling. We remain a family through it all and we continue to see and enjoy the good things of life and place that we have found ourselves in at this moment: Alaska and all it entails.

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