Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My life consists of...

My stay in Juneau, Alaska has definitely had its unique and defining characteristics. For one, right before I got here an avalanche destroyed most of one of the cities power plants or where ever they get their power from, and we are now running on diesel, so there has been some serious power saving action happening. Our dryer puts holes in our clothes anyway, so whenever we do laundry we lay stuff all over our rooms and bathrooms to dry.Juneau is actually quite a rainy and foggy town so I get cold a lot when I work, but I still love my job. I just haven’t had a chance to go hiking or anything yet.I like to walk around town a lot, it’s really pretty. It’s funny because during the day the town is such a touristy place, but then at night when they all leave it becomes just your regular small town again-only tucked between a bunch of snowy mountains and a channel from the ocean.The boys in my house aren't your typical boys; they like to play 4 hour games of chess. We prefer it stay that way.Most shops and restaurants close at 6pm, so Kayla and I don’t really have any where to go in the evenings since all that is open are the bars. But we try and make our own fun. We like to go on walks around town, take lots of pictures, and when we get our first pay check, perhaps we will go to some restaurants.There is a "homeless" man that sits in a wheelchair on the main street every day and asks for money. However, many a time I have seen him on his cell phone, in a taxi, and walking. I know that the whole town must see it too because it’s a small town.

Whenever we go grocery shopping we either go to the one in town and carry our bags all across town, or we take the bus 45 minutes to the valley and shop at wall-mart (L) or Fred Meyers (J) and then carry $50 worth of groceries on the bus and then through town once again.

Today during work a homeless man started talking to me while I was trying to depart a tour and was asking if I really got paid to hold a sign and talk to people.

I get hit on by old men ALL the time!!!!

One of our favorite passed times is to either sit in our living room in the “carpeted area” or go bowling.

I went to church (finally) and, wouldn’t you know it, there is someone here that knows my family! A Hinds even- they are everywhere!!

I see bald eagles at least 2 or 3 times a week. Last night I watched one swoop down on the water to catch some food.

Watching the cruise ships leave at night has become a hobby, and on nice nights I like to go out and sit on the dock. The lights on the water are beautiful!

Kayla and I really enjoy to watch some Gilmore Girls if we need a time filler.

People continue to keep randomly coming over, but we are getting to know them better now. We had a lot of group dinners with some guitar accompaniment almost as a must.

I still miss my family and even my home church; it has something really going for it that a lot of churches are missing.

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