Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Return

The soft glow of the city reaches me on the 9th floor of my hotel room. Even the twinkly lights seem to be shining brighter in this moment as I realize another dream has come true. Alaska in the winter and Alaska unexplored. Oh Alaska, my first real love and my first real break up. It was this time a year ago I was reeling from the realization that I would no longer be returning there to live as I had been, but needed to move on to other ventures. Honest and true heart break. And here I am, in Anchorage, in winter, wandering, for I am a wanderer. The lights shine brighter and my heart glows stronger. In this moment I feel alive as though I am really living and in this moment I love my dear family and friends deeply as though I am truly loving them and I am missing them strongly as though I am truly separated from them. Truth is I also feel connected with them as though they were inside my soul living my life with me, sitting in this hotel with me, listening to Ben Howard with me, and grinning like a school girl with me as we gaze in awe and excitement at the slowly fading outlines of majestic mountains, dreaming of what other adventures they hold for us. written 2/24/13

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savannah. said...

I love you.
And Ben Howard. I am glad he is your companion.