Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Alaska Post

It’s been 2 months and I am still amazed and just how good “helplessness blues” is. Sunday music fest is simply a dream every week when we get together with good friends and play good music and sometimes make good brownies. Salsa dancing on Saturday nights is eye-opening, a work out, and mostly some of the best fun I have ever had. Hearing how much the staff loves our silent dance parties and dreaming about them all joining our next one makes me giddy. What if the whole town joined? Putting photos on the wall makes me feel at home. Lying on our lawn chairs on the “roof” while we read and write and listen to bright eyes is the epitome of perfection. The simple improvements every day in my climbing and the few times I can actually take some time away from life and go on a run are invigorating. Sitting in a circle in the couches in the lobby or the chairs in the kitchen and sharing ideas about school, marriage, and tears (group therapy) brings us so much closer and makes relationships so much more important. And getting my guests to share the corniest jokes they can think of while getting off my bus at the glacier leads to not only the most fun I have ever had on tour but the creation of the well wishing phrase: “I hope that you have such a whale of a time that it really seals the deal and you can bearly believe it! Juneau what? You otter come back next year!” And while NPR shares its music and I enjoy scooter rides with almost all my friends I think about how different, yet again, this summer is. And more importantly I find that it’s the little unique things that permeate the seams of my daily life which are setting the stage for my Alaskan dream, for the dream which I am living, the dream which will always be living inside me whether in Alaska or not. It’s taking advantage of every day, learning to love, really love, every person, and not neglecting the beauty that is constantly around you, even when you see it every day.


My Northern Lights said...

You write beautifully Debs! This is truly inspired. <3

Philip said...

i love this post the most
as you would say - wo wo wooOOoo